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What does Daan do?

Daan therefore is a digital platform that bridges these gaps and hopes to:

  • Be a platform for capacity/skill building for volunteers while working with organizations and collaborators, enabling them to be leaders of tomorrow

  • Enable organizations to get skilled hands to complete projects for impact

  • Set a culture of credibility and transparency as volunteers review organizations and collaborators and vice versa

  • Be a platform for collaboration between social impact professionals, volunteers and organisations

The Problem we are solving

As a development professional, Daan's initiator Sanjna, relied heavily on volunteers and interns for her work during her stint at NGOs in India. She realized that this space was rife with communication gaps, misunderstandings, and mismanagement especially when a number of volunteers were on-boarded by an NGO. More often than not, there was a disconnect between organizations and volunteers/individuals. Also, smaller collaborative projects in communities could not get noticed or take help from the knowledge available to people beyond their immediate communities but could learn so much from others' experiences as we are all facing similar issues all over the world (poverty, poor social access etc).


Moreover, volunteers' work in any country contributes to work worth millions of dollars (going by multiplying the minimum wages with the number of work done by volunteers annually) that goes unnoticed. This work transcends boundaries of location, organization, class, gender etc. Therefore, at Daanwe decided to tackle the problems faced by all the stakeholders and create a world full of meaningful collaborations and transparency.

Helping volunteers find opportunities from all over the world about causes

they are passionate about

Facilitating collaborations by connecting individuals to each other and to organisations 

to co-own and complete projects for social good

Helping organisations hire, manage and retain skilled volunteers from

all over the world

1. Choose

Helping you pick the cause you care the most about.

3. Apply

Apply to organisations that will be committed to you and your work

2. Find

Find volunteering opportunities locally, globally or in remote locations

4. Get Certified

Once volunteering is over, build your network, get certificates from organisations

1. Choose

Helping you pick the cause you care the most about

3. Connect

Connect with like-minded collaborators from all over the world who will co-own the project

2. Find or Post

Find or post collaborative opportunities and be visible locally, remotely or globally

4. Credible Reviews

Give & get reviews after projects are completed and also choose your next collaborator via reviews

1. Advocate

​Helping you define your organisation’s goals and advocate for it​

3. Attract & Assess

Attract relevant volunteers and assess their fit for your vacancy via in-site brief test and filters

2. Post a Vacancy

Post a vacancy for prospective volunteers from all over the world

4. Reviews

Once volunteering is over, build your community, give certificates and get reviews for your contribution to volunteers


The platform also brings together digital kits, ideas, and blogs for knowledge sharing about how can NGOs, collectives, and collaborators start their own mini-projects in their communities to create social change. 

How did we arrive at the concept?

After researching about volunteerism and how NGOs and individuals find each other, we came up with this initial prototype. We researched (and are continuing to do so at the University of Sussex, that happens to be world's leading institute in the field of Development Studies ) about volunteering practices in United Kingdom, Germany, and India while interviewing and collaborating with people from all over the world, to arrive at a product that helps people collaborate/volunteer anywhere and everywhere.

Design Research: Participatory Design and Interviews


To arrive at a workable solution via a digital application, I used design thinking strategy. 

Using specifically participatory design (by including my ultimate users while I designed and iterated Daan's prototype) and interviews I arrived at the current user experience of Daan. 

Where will we go from here?

As of now, Daan is looking for funding and we hope to launch the product at the end of this year. We have our information infrastructure, user experience and business plan ready but are looking for seed funding to help develop the platform.

If this interests you please write to daanworld22@gmail.com