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We believe volunteers of today are 

the leaders of tomorrow



What if doing something made you fulfilled, healthier and boosted your career prospects? It would be great, wouldn't it?


What if you found driven, diverse and skilled people willing to do their bit with you for your impact organization/project?


Volunteering and volunteers are the answer!


Cassie Mogilner, a professor at Wharton wrote in the Harvard Business Review, that her research found those who volunteer feel more productive and fulfilled than the ones who do not. The research states that young people gain cultural skills and insight through volunteering akin to executive level training that catalyses their career growth. Professionals, on the other hand, find meaningful networks and opportunities to switch roles via volunteering. Therefore, it is evident that today’s volunteers are potential leaders of tomorrow.


Volunteering and the practice of helping others is nothing new and goes back to the very beginning of civilization.  Most social changes have happened when communities stepped up voluntarily and challenged the status quo via protests, revolutions and other forms of activism.

Volunteering in the 21st century has become a more organised form of pro-bono work.   However, more often than not, volunteers' work in an organization's advocacy and work goes unnoticed. In the year 2014, Andy Haldane, Chief Executive of Bank of England in one of his prominent speeches, unearthed a hidden engine in the British economy: its volunteers. He explained that the work done by them in any country contributes to work worth millions of dollars (going by multiplying the minimum wages with the number of work done by volunteers annually) and it often goes unnoticed.

How does it work


Daan is a web-based platform that tries to bridge gaps (of distance, communication, clarity, etc.) to help you get connected to like-minded people and organizations who share your ideas for social impact. Daan, in Sanskrit means 'to give', and takes inspiration from this practice (of giving, to other individuals in need) that is common to all cultures around the world. The word 'Daan' also has Scandinavian roots (meaning 'God as my judge') and in Philippine, it means 'road' or 'way'.


This portal encourages and seeks to bring people together to collaborate and collectively build a better world- either through volunteering or collaborating in a local, remote or international capacity, for a cause they feel passionate about (while also enabling them to learn by doing good). The portal is packed with opportunities for connecting and co-learning and uses digital tools to refocus on the original change agents - people and communities themselves.


Helping volunteers find opportunities from

all over the world about causes

they are passionate about


Helping organizations hire, manage and retain skilled volunteers from

all over the world


Facilitating collaborations by connecting individuals to each other and to organisations 

to co-own and complete projects for social good